So I’ve been in Sweden since July 8th, and I will be going home to America in less than 3 weeks. I got to spend the summer abroad with my best friend who is Swedish. I’ve had people ask me why you would become so close to someone who is so far away. I never have an answer. I didn’t ask for this friend, but I’m glad I have her. There are 2 kinds of friends in this world. Friends of convenience. The people you meet in school or your neighbourhood. They are cool, but you don’t always have much in common. And then there are friends of interests. The people you share interests with, the ones who tend to last a very long time. My best friend was an interest friend. My best friend. My hetero life partner. My Ron Weasley. My Batman. My better half. 4000 miles of water will separate us once more when I return home. The first time she left, my world was flipped upside down. I was unhappy with life and everything and everyone around me. Until Christmas, when her parents gave me the greatest opportunity of my life. To come stay with them for 3 months over the summer. Now let me say, the first few weeks away from home where HARD. I spent several nights in bed crying quietly, missing home. My entire being knew I was away from home and everything I love. Until one day, I start seeing this house, this city, this country as my home. I wake up and eat cereal with yogurt, I watch West Wing on the couch, I walk the dogs, I go downtown. I’ve lived here. The other day while in the airport from London she said something that resonated with me. “Home is where the heart is, and mine is spread all over the world.” I only now truly understand this. Having 2 homes is incredible, and awful at the same time. You are ALWAYS missing home. No matter where you are there is a home you miss. Whether I’m in North Carolina, or in Sweden I will always miss home. As painful as it may be sometimes I would NEVER change it. Because knowing that across an ocean, and time zones there are people who care about you is so rewarding and comforting. Her city is now my city. Her family is now my family, and I love them. I love Sweden.
Tack för allt Sverige.